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At Premium Renovations Ltd Custom Design Building and Remodeling, we take the utmost pride in making sure that our clients understand our process step by step so that the customer is always aware of the progress that has taken place, and what still needs to be completed. With superb attention to detail, Premium Renovations is able to design, engineer, and build a home that will maintain the long term investment placed on your home.

Premium Renovations Process
  • INITIAL CONSULTATION This is the first meeting where will we discuss budget goals, services to be offered, and an estimated schedule/ time line.
  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN PHASEInitial measurements and photographs will be taken. This is also where preliminary design sketches and budgets will be discussed.
  • FINAL DESIGN PHASEPlanning of the working drawings will come into effect. Any millwork drawings will be acquired, this is also where interior design and product selection will be discussed.
  • PERMITS & APPROVALSNecessary permits, approvals, engineering and surveys will be acquired.
  • BUDGETS & PRODUCT SELECTIONSThe specific details and written scope of work is discussed.Product confirmation and special orders will take place. Detailed Budgets and supplier and trade worker pricing will be analyzed.
  • SPECIFICATIONS & PRODUCT DETAILSA finalized project schedule will be developed. A review of the client’s insurance, financing options, construction contract, and management options will be discussed.
  • BUILDING PHASEThe process of preparation, demolition, and new construction will be started. Site Supervision, quality control, client preferences and engineering specifications will be assessed along the journey to completion.
  • INSPECTIONSFinal engineering inspections and occupancy city approvals will be finalized. As well, there will be a pre-possession walk through with the client(s).
  • CLIENT POSSESSIONNecessary final touch-up and cleaning of the house will take place before move in. Final walkthrough of how to use mechanicals and products within the house will be done.
  • POST OCCUPANCY WARRANTYPhotographs of the finished home will be taken. This is where new home/ renovation warranties are to be honoured, as well as the product service and trade workers warranties.
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***Process steps may vary depending on the size and different custom elements of the project.The list provided is a general guideline for client peace of mind.***